Friday, July 08, 2011

The Slump is Over

After months of not creating, seems my "mojo" came back the past 2 wks-finally.
I've been re-doing a chest of drawers my sister didn't want. It will go in the artroom for storage.
It's being painted white-where i haven't papered it w/vintage book pages. These are some of the drawers w/out the handles on them-those may get painted too. The top and sides are also covered w/the paper. Haven't decided yet if i will glaze over the white paint to antique it, but when it's all done, i'll post a picture.

I've also done two wall pieces. The little boy in airplane and the girl holding the heart.
I really like them-and the little boy is hanging in my living room for now-but he may be a
gift for someone who has a birthday this month~haven't decided :)
I'm also taking an awesome online class: Full Tilt Boogie. I have heard great things about Mary Ann Moss in the past-her "Remains of the Day" class so knew this one had to be good too. I was right. The class was actually a gift-and i am loving it. I think it's what got my spark going again to create. Her videos are well shot, not stuffy and dry. The directions are concise, the PDF info is great-i highly recommend this class if you've thought about it. It will show you some new bookbinding stitches, great ideas for book covers and using a vintage album~ I've made my practice book-but it's packed up to be mailed off to someone special . When i get a real one made, i'll post that too~ (click on link FTB above to go to mary ann's blog and click the sidebar for class info)

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Tina @ TinyBear said...

Hi Donnaj.
Those wall pieces are wonderful. love the colors.
Thanks for visiting over at my place and for your lovely comment.
I have just started on the Full Tilt Boggie - how fun to see you´re doing it too. Still gathering suppliers though, as everything is so hard to find over here. Can´t wait to start.
Wishing you a lovely day