Sunday, September 26, 2010

There's Something About Saturdays...

For some reason, it just seems that sat night is my creative night. I seem to get more done and be more in the art mood then. While in there the other day i was looking at stuff i had started but not finished. I normally like to work on one thing in particular, but sometimes get started on a project but not know where i want to go with it. I didn't think i had that many "going on" until this past week when i noticed a pretty tall pile of "stuff." I took a look and sure enough, quite a few things that i never did complete. Either didn't like how they looked or couldn't decide what to do to finish them. Here are some pictures of most of these projects:

Then of course came a bit of goofing off. I came across the hair that came off of "creepy girl" and couldn't pass up the opportunity to let the dogs model it-2 of them anyway... can you see the sheer joy on Nala's face? :)
Riley was a bit more cooperative-but not much.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

She's Done

Here is creepy girl in all her glory. She started out as a broken doll a friend gave to me to "do something with." So i did.
She's ready for her close-up:

Our houseguest enjoying some fresh air-Maverick (with his tiger stripes)

Finished a piece of art this week. Call her "Barefoot and Butterflies." Still need to put her in a shadow box-

I'm also taking Alisa Burke's online class, Color My World and here is my
color "wheel."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Temporary House Guest

We have a house guest. Rumor was that he would stay 2-3 nights then leave.
Discovered today that's not the case. "Someone" changed the plan. New plan is for him
to stay here while WE (i) house train him then he can go back home, NOT to the friend's
house he was going to go to. (at least that is the story we were told.) yea right.

Just look at that paw-it is huge for a few month old puppy. His name is Maverick. He was found wandering in an industrial area-with another puppy. Nathan and Ashley rescued him. He didn't come instantly housetrained-imagine that! So he is happy here while he is in training. Nala doesn't mind him but the others do-so we have to keep him sequestered from the others. What fun that is. He seems to be picking up on "house rules" pretty quickly. He seems to be very smart: loves to fetch a ball or toy and bring it to you to chase again. He likes to cuddle up with you too-a real sweetie.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Remember...

I don't think that anyone who was old enough that day to know what was going on will ever forget where they were when they heard the news or saw the images.
I had turned on the tv that morning which i rarely did. Took Nathan to school and heard on the radio a plane hit the tower. First thought: small private plane. Got home and saw the image on tv of smoke-and immediately knew that was no small plane. I sat there watching Good Morning America-as the commentators spoke-when suddenly a plane comes into view and Diane Sawyer says something about it. I'm thinking "that's not right, planes aren't allowed in that air space." It was totally surreal. Then it hit-and i think "Oh my God, what is happening?" As many others did that day, i sat glued to the television-watching as the horrors unfolded. Thinking of all those people trapped in there-can they get out? We went to lunch that day. It was eerie. Even driving, the streets seemed quiet. The burger place had a tv on-other than placing an order, it was silent, everyone watching. Living near a major airport made it odd to see no planes anywhere. Too quiet. The FAA did an unbelievable job that day of bringing in all those planes safely. Our world changed that day. I don't think anyone foresaw the ripple effect-businesses closed for good, economy that shifted-jobs that were lost. Security. These things don't happen on American soil. until now. We look at people differently-we want our borders closed-and safe.
Some think we are. I've heard stories from those in military-higher ups. Some on the radio, some friends of family. Many things have been stopped, but too many things that need to change haven't-I hope it doesn't take another 9-11 for that to happen. I hope we never see another day like that again-once in a lifetime is enough.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Coming Right Along

well, the creep show girl is coming along-thinking i'll probably do a gray wash over all this to finish her off.

This moth was at the window the other night-it was really big compared to other moths-can't really tell that here, but it was.
We have a temporary house guest right now-will get a picture of him up soon~

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Silliness Giveaway

Maybe not actual silliness, but a class in silliness and drawing. If you click on here you can see
how to get a chance to win Carla Sonheim's next drawing class.