Sunday, September 26, 2010

There's Something About Saturdays...

For some reason, it just seems that sat night is my creative night. I seem to get more done and be more in the art mood then. While in there the other day i was looking at stuff i had started but not finished. I normally like to work on one thing in particular, but sometimes get started on a project but not know where i want to go with it. I didn't think i had that many "going on" until this past week when i noticed a pretty tall pile of "stuff." I took a look and sure enough, quite a few things that i never did complete. Either didn't like how they looked or couldn't decide what to do to finish them. Here are some pictures of most of these projects:

Then of course came a bit of goofing off. I came across the hair that came off of "creepy girl" and couldn't pass up the opportunity to let the dogs model it-2 of them anyway... can you see the sheer joy on Nala's face? :)
Riley was a bit more cooperative-but not much.

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