Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Remember...

I don't think that anyone who was old enough that day to know what was going on will ever forget where they were when they heard the news or saw the images.
I had turned on the tv that morning which i rarely did. Took Nathan to school and heard on the radio a plane hit the tower. First thought: small private plane. Got home and saw the image on tv of smoke-and immediately knew that was no small plane. I sat there watching Good Morning America-as the commentators spoke-when suddenly a plane comes into view and Diane Sawyer says something about it. I'm thinking "that's not right, planes aren't allowed in that air space." It was totally surreal. Then it hit-and i think "Oh my God, what is happening?" As many others did that day, i sat glued to the television-watching as the horrors unfolded. Thinking of all those people trapped in there-can they get out? We went to lunch that day. It was eerie. Even driving, the streets seemed quiet. The burger place had a tv on-other than placing an order, it was silent, everyone watching. Living near a major airport made it odd to see no planes anywhere. Too quiet. The FAA did an unbelievable job that day of bringing in all those planes safely. Our world changed that day. I don't think anyone foresaw the ripple effect-businesses closed for good, economy that shifted-jobs that were lost. Security. These things don't happen on American soil. until now. We look at people differently-we want our borders closed-and safe.
Some think we are. I've heard stories from those in military-higher ups. Some on the radio, some friends of family. Many things have been stopped, but too many things that need to change haven't-I hope it doesn't take another 9-11 for that to happen. I hope we never see another day like that again-once in a lifetime is enough.

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Traci said...

since I was out of town last weekend I wasn't able to make a post aobut 9/11 this year but reading yours once again gave me chills. so many things have changed in our lives...things we would have never dreamed have happened....but you are right, there are still so many things that need to happen for the change that we need....I hope they happen soon. once is enough.