Sunday, September 12, 2010

Temporary House Guest

We have a house guest. Rumor was that he would stay 2-3 nights then leave.
Discovered today that's not the case. "Someone" changed the plan. New plan is for him
to stay here while WE (i) house train him then he can go back home, NOT to the friend's
house he was going to go to. (at least that is the story we were told.) yea right.

Just look at that paw-it is huge for a few month old puppy. His name is Maverick. He was found wandering in an industrial area-with another puppy. Nathan and Ashley rescued him. He didn't come instantly housetrained-imagine that! So he is happy here while he is in training. Nala doesn't mind him but the others do-so we have to keep him sequestered from the others. What fun that is. He seems to be picking up on "house rules" pretty quickly. He seems to be very smart: loves to fetch a ball or toy and bring it to you to chase again. He likes to cuddle up with you too-a real sweetie.

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Traci said...

he's super cute! sounds like you are having fun!