Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Party Continues...

Fri night was dinner with some art friends~Italian food of course. Met at Siciliano's. My favorite
garlic rolls to start the meal off.
Here we are after dinner: Margo, April, Me, Patti, Carol and Traci. good times~

Sun while gary and i were out, had to stop for snowcones at Bedford Snowball. My usual-coconut and cream. I've been eating these since 1981-hard to believe! (i think i was just a baby then) :)
tonight we had dinner w/my parents, then dessert back at their house. I'm stuffed.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Birthday~May 26th

Birthday portraits...dinner at Buca di Beppo.

dessert with no calories.

dessert With calories-much better~

Friday, May 14, 2010

Shots Around the House

Thought i would share a few photo's of things around the house. The picture above is an old lamp base with two old books sitting on them. The cigar box was made by a friend (lisa) and a bird's nest sits on top.
Found these old paper clips at an antique mall somewhere-or maybe an estate sale. They are sooo cool and different. I love old packaging and ads-the wording was so funny.
These are several old bottles with anagrams and scrabble tiles in them. I love vintage text/letters. The black with white lettering are probably my favorite. Love finding stuff like
that at estate sales when they are marked really cheap! The box is an old one found at an estate sale-for $1. love a bargain. Did 4 girl cut outs for the inside and frame moulding on the bottom. It's temporarily sitting on another lamp base-i'm about to go through some of my older art pieces and put them on etsy~need to make room for newer stuff-and clear out some of my "clutter."
On a different note-Casey James is in town today~had planned to go to the Stockyards to see him today but the rainy/crummy/floody weather kept me away. I don't usually stay home in inclement weather, but just didn't want to get out in it today~Good luck to Casey anyway. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day report

Got up to go to brunch with the whole family today-Joe T Garcia's in ft worth. seems to be a place we go to for family gatherings, or when we have out of town guests.
Our family and my sister's extended family all went (minus nathan and sandra) Food was good as was the company. Mariachi's played for us~joked about it when they had the room surrounded.
If this were a movie i said, next, they would pull out their tommy guns from their instruments and shoot us all~
Gary and i bummed around town after brunch.
Had to go by the cemetery so he could officially see where he had been stuck this winter-and just as i said...waaay off the road!

I got an old vintage school book from 1/2 price to use on art projects. love the old font.
took a nap and ended up having dinner with the parents. Movie night-"The Other Man" nothing great.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

The far

Had dinner fri night at Casa Milagro in Richardson for a friend's birthday. I had eaten a late lunch so figured i would just snack-and visit. There were about 9 of us there to celebrate April's day. What's a birthday girl without her tiara? This birthday/cheesecake didn't hurt matters any! it was quite yummy. I'm sure Carol made it herself :)

It was good to hang out with friends and forget about all else for a night!

Sat morning when we let the dogs back in, Riley came running in with "something" in his mouth.
He ran straight for the dining room to hide under the table. I figured it was a mouse, just hoped it was dead. I was wrong. He dug up another mole. (dead) We had to trick him out-by saying "let's go for a ride" to get him away from the mole. He guards things-and will growl/bite if you come near. (He got to walk around out front while gary disposed of said creature.) as close to a drive as he was getting for now) We are one mole less now and about 6 new holes in the backyard where Riley "hunted."
Worked on the art room today~*trying* to purge some things and rearrange/reorganize so i can actually make stuff and not spend so much time moving things just to have a 12" spot to work in. Made a little headway before suzanne called me to eat dinner with her. We got pizza and just chatted at her house-Addison too. Now it's back to "the room."

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Be sure to check out Trash to Treasure's blog for this awesome giveaway~found her recently and you can see some great eye candy~someone will be a lucky person to win all this!