Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day report

Got up to go to brunch with the whole family today-Joe T Garcia's in ft worth. seems to be a place we go to for family gatherings, or when we have out of town guests.
Our family and my sister's extended family all went (minus nathan and sandra) Food was good as was the company. Mariachi's played for us~joked about it when they had the room surrounded.
If this were a movie i said, next, they would pull out their tommy guns from their instruments and shoot us all~
Gary and i bummed around town after brunch.
Had to go by the cemetery so he could officially see where he had been stuck this winter-and just as i said...waaay off the road!

I got an old vintage school book from 1/2 price to use on art projects. love the old font.
took a nap and ended up having dinner with the parents. Movie night-"The Other Man" nothing great.

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