Saturday, May 08, 2010

The far

Had dinner fri night at Casa Milagro in Richardson for a friend's birthday. I had eaten a late lunch so figured i would just snack-and visit. There were about 9 of us there to celebrate April's day. What's a birthday girl without her tiara? This birthday/cheesecake didn't hurt matters any! it was quite yummy. I'm sure Carol made it herself :)

It was good to hang out with friends and forget about all else for a night!

Sat morning when we let the dogs back in, Riley came running in with "something" in his mouth.
He ran straight for the dining room to hide under the table. I figured it was a mouse, just hoped it was dead. I was wrong. He dug up another mole. (dead) We had to trick him out-by saying "let's go for a ride" to get him away from the mole. He guards things-and will growl/bite if you come near. (He got to walk around out front while gary disposed of said creature.) as close to a drive as he was getting for now) We are one mole less now and about 6 new holes in the backyard where Riley "hunted."
Worked on the art room today~*trying* to purge some things and rearrange/reorganize so i can actually make stuff and not spend so much time moving things just to have a 12" spot to work in. Made a little headway before suzanne called me to eat dinner with her. We got pizza and just chatted at her house-Addison too. Now it's back to "the room."

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