Friday, May 14, 2010

Shots Around the House

Thought i would share a few photo's of things around the house. The picture above is an old lamp base with two old books sitting on them. The cigar box was made by a friend (lisa) and a bird's nest sits on top.
Found these old paper clips at an antique mall somewhere-or maybe an estate sale. They are sooo cool and different. I love old packaging and ads-the wording was so funny.
These are several old bottles with anagrams and scrabble tiles in them. I love vintage text/letters. The black with white lettering are probably my favorite. Love finding stuff like
that at estate sales when they are marked really cheap! The box is an old one found at an estate sale-for $1. love a bargain. Did 4 girl cut outs for the inside and frame moulding on the bottom. It's temporarily sitting on another lamp base-i'm about to go through some of my older art pieces and put them on etsy~need to make room for newer stuff-and clear out some of my "clutter."
On a different note-Casey James is in town today~had planned to go to the Stockyards to see him today but the rainy/crummy/floody weather kept me away. I don't usually stay home in inclement weather, but just didn't want to get out in it today~Good luck to Casey anyway. :)

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