Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home From Artfest (day one in seattle)

After a close call making my flight (squeaked on-barely) i got into seattle around 9:15 mon morning march 31-partly cloudy and nicely cooler! Got my rent car settled, grabbed the luggage, hit the shuttle and finally got to our hotel in my stylin' hundai elantra. Dragged my luggage to the room with joan's help then we hit our usual day one lunch haunt-Dave's Diner before our shopping.
We went to Uwajimaya groc store and the book store-i wanted japanese pens and joan wanted some japanese packaging. From there, we headed to Daiso-the japanese 1.50 store. it was nothing more than a $ store but we got a few things-had a snack in the food court of the mall-then on to Archie McPhee-while we were inside the mall-it had rained and hailed from what we heard later. Guess we brought some texas weather up there. Both found things at archie-then headed paper zone and daniel smith-we needed a few things for classes-closed both stores. Had to stop at Target for fort munchies and a new camera-mine had "disappeared" at home (probably sitting in some pawn shop) and i couldn't be w/out one on this trip. Finally got that done and we ate late dinner at Newport seafood-halibut of course. On to the hotel to get some much needed sleep after a bit of visiting...installment 2 and photo's tomorrow.


carol said...

busy girl that first day!! we saw dave's diner after our meal at denny's--maybe next year. anxiously awaiting day 2!

&rew said...

Hi Donna! I will have to check out that Japanese grocery store the next time I come to Seattle! Also that paper store and Daniel Smith store, too. Thanks for mentioning the places in Seattle. &rew