Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 3: Seattle and Port Townsend (April 2, 2008)

Got packed up after eating, loaded the cars and headed to the ferry-with plenty of time. Beautiful day! We met a few artfesters on the ferry-amy lee, heather and candy-all new to artfest-they will love it! We stopped in Winslow to go to Esther's fabrics (i got some buttons) then headed on to PT~Parked and hit the ground running. Did a bit of shopping before a late lunch and into the Fort to check in and get moved into our rooms. I just love the atmosphere at the fort when we are all gathered there~comraderie amongst strangers-all with a like
mind of creativity-too bad we all can't just live there and create forever! Tonight was the Opening Night Get-Together. We all meet up in the hanger and meet the teachers after a talk from Teesha~this year they all got to answer a question-"what do you do to help w/creative block" "what would you do if you weren't creating art" etc... it was interesting. We headed to the Art Asylum after that-picked up a few things-went back to my room to unwind, shower and get my supplies ready for class in the morning.

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