Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 5: Fort Worden (April 4, 2008)

Did my morning McD's. (funny i never eat there when i am at home) The guy working there recognized me already-guess when you're in a small town...-drove around again-as many times as i've been here, i've never looked at some areas of town. Pretty little place. Went back to the fort for my supplies and headed to the schoolhouse. Today's class was with Tiphoni: Color Theory.
I loved this class. We took 6 colors of paint and white and learned to mix all colors. We practiced just mixing, used a mag page to find a color to copy. How cool it was to look at a color and finally "get it" when it comes to cool, warm, red, blue or yellow. You learn to identify the color you see most. Usual lunch fare in the commons. I think i had bread and stew gravy today :)
After lunch we did a little painting w/2 colors and mixing them to get many shades-really got alot out of this class-as much as i love playing with paint, it was a good thing.
April and I ate dinner at Waterfront pizza. Love their pizza-it's a tradition. We got back in time to get in line for vendor night. I bought a few things-print from Kelly Rae Roberts, findings from Bird (scavanged from dead bodies of course) tie dye socks too. Got a little piece from Karen OBrien and Urban Bird Girl. (my buddies girlfriend) We hung out in dorm 202 tonight-green wristbands and all. Had alot of fun-stayed up late-showered and bed.

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