Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 4: Fort Worden (April 3)

I went to town for breakfast-McD's sausage biscuit and tea~Drove around a bit, then back to the fort. Found my classroom. Today was Ultimate Journal with Thomas Ashman. We got to cut, torch, hammer, patina, bolt and hole punch our metal covers. My table mate was a "first timer" who was not one that did art-his girlfriend was coming to artfest and asked him if he wanted to so he agreed. I thought that was cool-and commendable that he would be open to it. Lunch was at the fort-too froo-froo for me. My journal was almost done in class except for some wire cutting which i plan to finish at home. (and i did)
Met up with Joan and went into town. Had to go to the bead store-Winwoods-love their charms.
Ran into Carol, Peggy and April. April came to dinner with Joan and i-Bayview. Halibut and yummy pecan pie. We went to the fort and got our journal stuff and headed to the beach/bonfire/journal party-a tradition for me. We went for a walk on the beach after securing a table. I found "walter" the starfish-biggest starfish i have ever seen. (i'll post a better picture later of the whole thing) We hung out at the party until it was over-went back to my room to chill and shower and journal. Got stuff ready for tomorrow's class.

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