Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February Already!~

Well, I see i have neglected the blog again.  Can't believe that it is February already.  I had big plans for january: getting back on my treadmill, getting my art room in order (HA) getting the house cleaned up from
all art stuff that should be in said art room...Not done yet. I hope to check it all off my list by the end of this month.  I have been hooked on making my fabric ribbon-and getting my Etsy store back up.  I had some
people ask about the ribbon and others that said "you should sell this" so i thought i would give it a try.
I've already made one roll for someone so I had a sale before I even got store ready!   Hopefully it will be set up by friday~that's my goal anyway. 

My parents' house is almost done~finally.  They think they will be in it by March.  Drive way has been poured and all the bits and pieces of finishing are pretty much done. I think they have to have a final inspection then they have the OK to move in... They went through Owner/Builder where you are the contractor-so they did one step at a time and were there every day when the workers were doing their thing.  I got to see it last summer when it was just studs-so of course we signed several boards.  My dad wrote under the stairwell the story of the house-date started and names...Guess i'll take another road trip in March to see the finished product.  I know they will be glad to get out of their tiny apartment-they won't know what to do with all the space.
  I guess another goal should be updating my blog a bit more.  I do have another post planned after something else happens-a certain present has to be opened before i can put pictures on here ;)


mjk said...

these are fabulous. I have done similar, but they looked nothing like this. I may need to dig out fabric and ribbon, lol. I saw the book you made for Shannon and it is amazing. great work, tfs.

Shannon Green said...

I opened it and ABSOLUTELY everyone wants to know how it's made and they're in love with the fabric'll sell tons of it!

And if you haven't seen the video yet...uh...yeah, thanks :) BEST. BIRTHDAY GIFT. EVER.

Denise Spillane said...

So glad you are getting your shop set. The ribbons are wonderful!

Linda D. said...

Ok, this is absolutely brilliant, my friend. I must, must make these for my year of "repurpose" because what an absolutely genius way to use scraps. I love it so much.