Friday, February 12, 2016

A Year of Milestone Birthdays

50th Birthday Bundle Book
This year I have several friends and family members that have milestone birthdays.  50th and 60th.
Today, my brother in law turns 60.  10 days ago, a friend turned 50.  Said friend has a you tube channel where she entertains thousands on a regular basis.  She also shares ideas, tips, tricks and her nostrils.  She has had me as a guest in her home on several occasions throughout the years.
So, for Shannon's birthday I decided that i needed to make her something special.  You only turn 50 once.
 I had taken an online class (see this post) in May and knew that this would be the perfect thing for her birthday-a keepsake of sorts. This "book" is made up of pockets-so she could keep cards or memento's in it.  I first started making a fairly colorful one-in her favorite colors but didn't like the way it was coming along
so i scrapped that and decided 50 deserved to be black.  Since I didn't want to rub it in her face too badly, i went with an elegant look: black, white and metallic.  I wanted a fairly large size so the pockets would be big.
 Once I finished the book, i set it aside and patiently waited for Jan to get here.  I also enlisted the help of her fellow facebook moderators to spread the word-If you wanted to make a birthday card for shannon, you could do so and send to me to include in the book.  I knew that doing it so early AND before the holidays could prove detrimental.  If people procrastinate, as artists do, then they would forget over the holiday season.  People came through-and I had enough cards to put in all the book pockets. 
I decided I couldn't just send the book-it was a birthday after all.  Things are tight in their home right now as Jayson is looking for work. (this is known so i'm not divulging family secrets) So...I wanted to add a bit of "fun" to the box.  Brownie mix (easier than a cake) candles, balloons, horns, twizzlers and some other little goodies. 
 The box went off in the mail and for once, the PO actually delivered it in priority mail time. (usually it's just a "guideline."    Imagine my surprise to find out she was afraid to open it.  Seems she thought i had sent her
another doll.  Like i would do that. (ok, maybe i would, but i did promise after the last doll incident, there would be no more) i just shot myself in the foot with that comment but i did promise.  Don't want her to have a heart attack after all.  Then 20,000+ people would hate me for sure.  She finally braved the box-saw that it was legit. (as in no doll)  and filmed the opening.  You can see that here if you haven't.
 So here are pictures of said book bundle...
book unrolls. this is the far right inside of the book
pocket page-the rips can actually hold something if you slide it through.
more pockets

pocket made into a pocket

close up of the glitter 50

folding the book in-velvet pocket with ribbon accent

screen pockets...and my knee

One of the pockets-made from screen


Debbie Corke said...

Loved watching Shannon open this - I think you can truly say she was bowled over by your gift and all the though that went into it.

Rossie said...

You made a beautiful book, Donna.

Leslie McGrath said...

Brought tears to my eyes watching her "emot" while looking at it!! Such a wonderful gift for such a wonderful lady!!

Linda D. said...

Hi, I had to take the class, Curious Bundles, inspired by both you and Shannon Green =) I know I will enjoy it, and thanks for the wonderful eye candy and inspiration.

suziqu's thread works said...

What a great birthday gift for someone turning 50!