Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reflections on the Year

I spent most of  December sick-first mild food poisoning, then a stomach virus that knocked me out, then a respiratory "thing."   I work for a casino party company and Dec. is the busy month.  I was lucky enough that the stomach thing happened after the first busy wkend.  The respiratory/head crap-not so much.  I could barely talk one wkend.  Made it kind of hard to deal blackjack and joke around but i managed.  The most unusual party this year was my last one.  It was held at a daycare.  (for the employees) There were only 3 of us working.  I was in the toddler room. Roulette wheel and abc's...
  I was also hosting Christmas Eve again this year.  For 13.  I decided to do spaghetti again-it's easy and everyone liked it last year.  I also decided (in between 5 million trips to grocery stores/errands/shopping) that i needed to move furniture around so we could fit two tables in the living room and all sit together.
 I found "chalkboard" table clothes at walmart.  I made mini menu's for each place.  I did my seating "cards" with my vintage anagrams/scrabble tiles.  Chalk on the tables, Christmas dishes-candles-you get the picture.
I hope so because i forgot to take a single picture.  It was down to the wire getting it all ready in time and when the first person showed up, I totally forget to get a shot before everyone got here.  Oh well.  Food was good, played a movie trivia game (i had the cards on the tables) and opened gifts.  The nephews and niece played blackjack.  Addie (8) won. :) 
   I shoved a bunch of stuff into my art room so the house would be in order.  Now comes the time that I must head into said room and start back on the task of getting it in order so that i can actually create in there again.  I stopped doing anything in there when i got hooked on my sewing.  So my goal will now be to put the room in order for real this time.
  I started thinking back on the year and what art i have done.  I realized that I did no journaling, no mixed media that i can think of-it was just sewing.  I also worked on the room a bit-moving stuff around a lot.  This year i want to do better.  I still have sewing projects i want to do.  I want to get back to my art journal.  I really wish i could concentrate on one real medium...fabric/sewing/books are where i lean right now.  Maybe that is what i will concentrate on in the new year.  I also signed up for some online classes that I need to finish or even watch.  No more until those get my attention.
  So here is hoping for a more artful year for me-and anyone else who is so inclined.
Happy New Year!

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Denise Spillane said...

Happy New Year Donna. Sounds like your holiday was great. Are you healthy again? Hope so. One comment on art, I know it is good to focus and choose a medium but to me, I would get bored. You do all so well and it seems you did a lot in 2015. How about combining your fiber/sewing with your mixed media. If anyone can do it well, that is you. Hugs and see you soon.