Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Current Obsession

Fun pink ribbon
After taking an online class where we made a fabric scrap tie to close the book and seeing /making paper ribbon with scraps, i'm now obsessed with making "fabric ribbon."
Part of my "use up what you have" mentality.  I'll admit i have bought a few new fabrics/tulle to match what
I have when I don't feel there is enough variety.  What can i say?  Fabric is addicting.  I've been playing with fabric one way or another since i was 5 or 6.  My mom used to work for Stretch & Sew, World of Fabrics and taught sewing.  I can remember in the early 70's-the "make your own lingerie" fad came about.  The local paper wrote an article about my mom-"Mrs Moody" (never once did they use her name.)  I can remember some women coming to our house (maybe for a class) and i was messing with some scraps making a flower. (gathered fab)  My mom would make them for house shoes.  I remember hearing one of the ladies ask my mom if I knew what I was doing.  (I think she thought i was just messing around "copying" they actions of my mom.)  She told them "yes she does."  So there.
  Back to now~I can't seem to stop making my ribbon.  I recently used a piece to wrap a baby shower gift-it got passed around the room because some people wanted to look at it more closely.  I made it so that it could be hung as garland after used for wrapping.  Below you'll see a sampling of some of the rolls~
This is my "floaty" style

The silver/gray was added to a baby shower gift-you can see a peek of it.

Christmas colors

Purple for an art friend

Christmas with a vintage twist (the green and touch of pink)

Another Christmas style-this one was for my mom
Colorful roll

Two on left were from a book tie-made more than needed.  Two on right were the silver/gray


Sue Marrazzo said...

LOVE it!

Peachy Outlook said...

PLease can you tell us more about the online class? love these and want to learn how to make them


donnaj said...

I took a book class with suzy lafond.

if you are referring to the ribbon, i added my spin to make
the garland/ribbon that i'm selling in my etsy shop. :)

Linda D. said...

Hi Donna, I am in love with your paper/fabric ribbons. I am also a "genetic" sewer - at my mama's knee from the time I was born, so I saw these and fell in in love. Ok, I don't believe in "stealing" things like this (also, I'm not interested in selling, either - too much trouble) however, I do volunteer with seniors and teach one on one classes. I was able to see these at a glance and figure out how I would make them. But, I don't take without giving. Would you consider doing a class so I could take it, then do my own spin off, or, would you give me your blessing to make my own? If I were to ever teach a class for $ (small amount, I prefer to volunteer) then I would send you a profit, also.

donnaj said...

Linda-email me dljoy at

Linda D. said...

Hi Donna, I emailed you, thanks! Very inspiring site,and I know I will enjoy the Curious Bundle class. It should keep me busy for awhile.