Monday, October 13, 2014

On My Table

 I've been on a bracelet kick since i made some wrap bracelets this summer and took an online belt bracelet class.  Suffice it to say, people will be getting bracelets this Christmas.  I just finished a halloween fat book project so decided it was time to clean off my table (sort of) and make room to start a jewelry frenzy.  This of course led to the decision to organize my beads and doo-dads so they would be easier to find/use.  So last night i sorted through stuff i forgot i had, set aside "kits" of beads for certain people and got everything ready to go.  I got 2 started last night-many more to go.
some of my doo-dads
 I recently read this book I found at my library. If you liked Seth Apter's books, you'll like this one too.  It asks a series of questions from a wide variety of artists-how they beat creative block, what would they do if not artist, etc...  interesting read.

And of course, what is a binge in the art room with out a chocolate. Blue Bell's new malt shoppe...chocolate malt ice cream with mini malted milk balls.  i don't usually like chocolate/candy in ice cream, it's too hard.  but if you set them aside to warm, they aren't bad :)

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