Friday, October 24, 2014

3 Weeks Gone

Time flies by quickly these days- Gary and I went and painted pottery about 10 days ago.  I did halloween
themed stuff and he painted a bowl with a college logo (that he drew himself)  It was his first time to do this.  I think he did pretty good for a beginner.

top view

other side
Gary's first attempt at painting pottery!

bundle ready for steam


blah result
I've also pinned a lot of "eco-dying" pins lately.  I've loved the look of the paper and fabric since the first time i saw it several yrs ago.  A friend of mine tried it last wkend on paper-hers turned out pretty good.  I decided to try it on fabric during the week.  EPIC fail is all i can say.  some color came off the blue twine i used
to wrap the bundle but that's about it.  Guess I'll try again after i have my garage sale. (finally)  Then i can
start to get my house back in some sort of order.

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