Monday, November 03, 2014

The Mask...

My nephew texted me on a wednesday night (oct 15) and asked if I could make him a mask "like this image" (one he included in text) I had had to work thurs and have my garage sale fri/sat and he wanted it for sat night. sure thing.
I said I would attempt something but it wasn't going to look like his image.   I started on an idea
that i ended up scrapping pretty quick.  I looked on pinterest for some mask-making hints. 
I got a text on thurs that he got his dates wrong and I had another week.  OK, game on.
I bought a cheap plastic mask to use as my base and used some air-dry clay to form my mask
that i would paper mache over.
 Once happy with the image I let the clay dry overnight.  I started layering good old fashioned glue/newspaper paper mache to build my face.  When I got it to look like I wanted, I let that dry too.
 Now comes the fun part-painting and embellishing.  I gave it a base coat in white then added my
other colors for a worn leather kind of look.  I sewed over the eye and mouth openings, added buttons
over the mouth and a rusty safety pin through a "scar."   I sewed heavy cotton fabric around the mask
so it could be worn more like a hood.  Blood red paint was added to the scars/cuts and a few other
spots to highlight.  All in all, he was a happy camper when I took it to him.   He said he had several offers
from people to buy it from him..guess i know how to pick up a few extra bucks next year.  :)


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Very cool.