Sunday, September 07, 2014

Neglecting the Blog

close up of "circus:" fabric collage
one of my circus collage's in progress

Wow, didn't realize i hadn't posted in so long.  The past few months were busy.  My parents put their home of 41 yrs on the market and it sold the first week.  A month later they were out.  We helped with massive packing/going through attic etc the final four days.  It was hectic to say the least.  The new homeowners have already made changes and called me to pick up things that were accidentally left behind or hidden in
the far recesses of cabinets and storage building.  Between their move and emptying my grand parents' home earlier this year, our house would now qualify for an episode of Hoarders.  Until my garage sale later this month (hopefully it will cool off for it) I have 2 refrigerators in the kitchen/breakfast nook.  One will go in the garage when i get rid of the freezer that is out there~ There is a basic path through the garage, my dining room, kitchen, living room and garage are crammed full. Found a lot of memorabilia type stuff that would have been tossed if it weren't for me helping at both houses.  My dad would have left the contents of the attic if i hadn't gone up there and got most of it down.  He was beyond stressed at that point.
   I have done a little bit of art lately.  I'm working on a collaborative halloween fat book and my art swap
for this month's art meeting.  Our theme is "dirty, old circus" and it was right up my ally.

This is a book i did this summer.  Made fabric paper out of muslin and tea bags. Stamped on them and glued them down.  Will do another post on this and my circus collages soon with better pictures 
stamped tea bags

Book page
book cover

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