Wednesday, July 02, 2014


verb: disintegrate; 3rd person present: disintegrates; past tense: disintegrated; past participle: disintegrated; gerund or present participle: disintegrating

break up into small parts, typically as the result of impact or decay.


I decided i wanted to do another "bundle" this year-the one i did yrs ago when Seth Apter had everyone making one was my learning curve.  It was not cool like so many others-i know better kind of things to add to it this time.
 Started with a piece of muslin.  I laid papers on it, tea bags (empty and some with tea)
 more muslin, rusted metal, chicken wire
 rusted muslin
 grapevine (grows in our back yard) sheet music
 tied on some washers
 secured it all with some pink twine and thin cotton fabric strips
It was night when i got thee urge and about to rain, so i hung it on the back porch for a few days.  It now resides in a tree so I can't see it daily-and be tempted to take it down early.  It's been out for 3 weeks now-so I will take a photo from time to time before i remove it at the end of summer.

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Seth said...

This is wonderful Donna. It brings back so many amazing memories of the project. Please keep posting pics of your bundle -- especially at the time of the big reveal!