Thursday, March 28, 2013

More From Last Week

Wall Hanging 1
chain detail

wall hanging 2
fiber detail
These are two wall hangings I completed last week before I got sick.  One is a verrry late Christmas present for a friend.  The other is a birthday gift for someone.  I've started a third that may be "promised" to someone too~ Hopefully the next one will be more wispy~

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Productive Week

 It has been a productive week.  Finished a piece of art someone asked about on Etsy. If she decides it's not quite what she's looking for i'll probably list it on there.  Here is a peek at the progress of that piece. I had to fabricate a metal heart-none of my metal pieces were big enough for what i wanted so i cut three pieces and riveted them together to make the heart.  
metal piece for bottom of heart

sides of heart ready for rivets
figuring out placement of bottom piece

 The strips were painted with an acrylic wash then adhered to plywood that was stained.  Once everything was secure the heart was attached for the final look.  metal hanger on back.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Little Bit of Art

I haven't felt very artistic since january.  I've wanted to work on something, but just couldn't start anything-just stood at my table and looked at all my stuff.  Then decided to clean.  I got my fabrics organized and all shelved-started rearranging some of the items on bookshelves-things that needed to be done-but not creative.  At least i was among my "things."  This week something finally hit me and I worked on this flower piece.  It's for my art meeting this weekend.  I made one, tonight i will start on the other 3.  They may vary a bit in color but will be similar-our theme was "spring" or "eggs"-you can tell which one i picked.  
     I also started cutting down some of my rusted metal "stuff" that i got several yrs ago. Antique barbed wire, old fencing, metal pieces.  Cut some things down to "usable" size. Some pieces i cut ended up become this funky metal house. I haven't decided yet what i will mount it on-what kind of background, but something needs to be behind the window.   
the whole house.

Here is the piece-layered with paper and paints.  I painted stripes on the sides-black and white and each side has one colored stripe.  Each side has a different color.  Had fun just slapping paint down to see what came of it. 

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Time Goes By

Linda Newman (glare from picture of a picture)
It's been a month now.  Linda passed away Feb 4th and not a day goes by that I don't miss this woman.  Her infectious laugh, her zest for life, the ability to make everything seem like a party.  It doesn't seem real.
I keep waiting to get a text or email.  "did you feel the earthquake? I heard there was one near you"  My reply was "no"  her answer was "Man, you texans are hard to impress"   She sparked my interest in photography.  I bought my first 35mm because of her.  She showed me tricks with the camera.  She encouraged me to write a children's book summer between 6th and 7th grade (i wonder if that is in my parents' attic or if it went to the trash pile during a move)  My first (and only) Jr Bridesmaid gig was for her. I still have the bridesmaid charm she gave me for my bracelet.   I have happy memories of that summer we drove from texas to st louis with her and her student.  I remember the drive we made with her and 2 girlfriends.  3 kids, 3 single women and cases of Coors in the back window ledge.   Many men tried to pick them up-you couldn't get Coors in missouri back then :)   I won't list everything here.  The memories mean much to me-not others.  Believe me when i say i miss you every day Linda.