Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Little Bit of Art

I haven't felt very artistic since january.  I've wanted to work on something, but just couldn't start anything-just stood at my table and looked at all my stuff.  Then decided to clean.  I got my fabrics organized and all shelved-started rearranging some of the items on bookshelves-things that needed to be done-but not creative.  At least i was among my "things."  This week something finally hit me and I worked on this flower piece.  It's for my art meeting this weekend.  I made one, tonight i will start on the other 3.  They may vary a bit in color but will be similar-our theme was "spring" or "eggs"-you can tell which one i picked.  
     I also started cutting down some of my rusted metal "stuff" that i got several yrs ago. Antique barbed wire, old fencing, metal pieces.  Cut some things down to "usable" size. Some pieces i cut ended up become this funky metal house. I haven't decided yet what i will mount it on-what kind of background, but something needs to be behind the window.   
the whole house.

Here is the piece-layered with paper and paints.  I painted stripes on the sides-black and white and each side has one colored stripe.  Each side has a different color.  Had fun just slapping paint down to see what came of it. 

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