Sunday, March 03, 2013

Time Goes By

Linda Newman (glare from picture of a picture)
It's been a month now.  Linda passed away Feb 4th and not a day goes by that I don't miss this woman.  Her infectious laugh, her zest for life, the ability to make everything seem like a party.  It doesn't seem real.
I keep waiting to get a text or email.  "did you feel the earthquake? I heard there was one near you"  My reply was "no"  her answer was "Man, you texans are hard to impress"   She sparked my interest in photography.  I bought my first 35mm because of her.  She showed me tricks with the camera.  She encouraged me to write a children's book summer between 6th and 7th grade (i wonder if that is in my parents' attic or if it went to the trash pile during a move)  My first (and only) Jr Bridesmaid gig was for her. I still have the bridesmaid charm she gave me for my bracelet.   I have happy memories of that summer we drove from texas to st louis with her and her student.  I remember the drive we made with her and 2 girlfriends.  3 kids, 3 single women and cases of Coors in the back window ledge.   Many men tried to pick them up-you couldn't get Coors in missouri back then :)   I won't list everything here.  The memories mean much to me-not others.  Believe me when i say i miss you every day Linda.  

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