Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Heaven gained another angel last night and we lost a wonderful woman.  My aunt loved life, loved kids, loved her family.  She was the kind that if she had a car full of kids and saw a fire truck on the way home from a movie would say "lets follow it!"  and she did.  We stayed with her in Bland Mo part of one summer.(think it was after her first year of teaching)  She let us plan meals, shop for the groceries, play "restaurant" when we cooked-menus included. Go to the "pool hall" or whatever it was to play on the pinball machines. We went to the "dip" to swim.  We sang at the top of our lungs to songs on the radio-we had fun.  She would do things at the spur of the moment-making the most of every moment.  She made memories.  A million memories that will live with me forever-that will keep me until I see her again.  She was an inspiration to many-and will be missed more than she could know. 

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Seth said...

So sorry about your loss Donna. It sounds like your aunt will live on within all those wonderful memories you have collected.