Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I'm currently taking the SEWN class with Mary Ann Moss online.  While I have enjoyed painting patterend paper, my new obsession, compliments of MAM is paper fabric.
I sat this weekend making paper fabric like crazy.  I got into the "zone" and just kept going-made myself stop to fix our dinner then back to the machine.

here is machine w/piles of paper scraps for my "fabric"

   Some years ago i set my sewing machine on the floor-on top of an artist's box on top of a wooden crate.  I would occasionally sew something quick, but not sit for hours.  I sit on the floor kind of indian style, then use my knee to press the pedal~hence the sore knee on sunday.  That didn't stop me from starting up again on sun and again last night.  I really need to move my machine to the table though~  It's very relaxing to me-I have 5 sheets done and another started...yes, i'm addicted!
close up of a page

This is actually 4 sheets of paper fabric-probably about 1 sq yard total 

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