Friday, August 02, 2013

Bzz Agent report (LYSOL)

I was sent two POWER AND Free products from lysol and asked to try them and review them so here goes.


These cleaners are bleach free which i really liked-no need to open a window or leave the room for
fresh air.  The multi-purpose cleaner uses hydrogen peroxide which I also like since i was using it to clean
at times.  I like seeing the bubble action-you know it's working :)  I also like the wider trigger-it just feels
ergonomically better than normal sized triggers on other bottles.  It has a fresh clean smell-not medicinal or "cleaner-y."  (Citrus zest)
  The wipes i'm a little on the fence about.  I like them for their hydrogen peroxide and my hands not feeling dried out if I use them without gloves, however I did wish they stayed wet just a bit longer.  They worked great-didn't leave streaks and had good cleaning power.  I'm not a fan of the scent-Oxygen Splash-it was a more "cleaner" type scent and i prefer citrus but that is just a personal preference. It also kills certain viruses and salmonella.  All in all I was happy with both products-and would recommend them to others to try.
You can link to their site on the "lysol" above to read more about their products.

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