Sunday, June 10, 2012

What I've Been Up To. (ie i'm still alive)

Seems like quite a while since i have posted here. I'll just blame the summer heat
This was in our yard one day. Live.  If it were dead it would belong to my collection of dead stuff. 

Riley and Jack trying to get the cake.  they didn't.  Mom made a homemade one the next day. 

this guy has been hanging out in the front.  I've seen him on several occasions.

. Let's see, i've turned another year older (may)  I went to stay with my friend Traci last thurs/fri nights.  We went to Canton on fri.  Stopped at LaurieAnna's before heading into the actual grounds.  The store is well worth the visit.  Even if you buy nothing, it's full of inspiration for home decor.  The store used to be in one of the Canton Pavillions.  No pictures allowed.  I didn't take any pictures inside the grounds-well, one on my phone.  A "chucky-esque" doll. what else?     We partook of corn dogs, roasted corn, fried pies, cookie, lots of dip samples....ok, this was a combination of what we both ate, we didn't  both eat all of that.  Bought some photos, burlap coffee sack-might make two large pillows with that, children's book for my children's halloween book collection, homemade pasta, some odds and ends.  The weather was great for this time of year-had a great day of visiting and shopping and just hanging out.    We stopped for italian food on the way home-because once we got back, we showered and were in for the night!  The next morning we went to Panera then the town square in McKinney to hit a few antique stores and shops. After all that, I headed back home.
fun bottle found in mckinney
part of my burlap sack

I've been working on some art this week-very belated birthday gifts.  Here are some snippets-since one of them reads this blog on occasion don't want to spoil the surprise!   That's all for now~


Traci said...

I don't know how I haven't been to your blog in forever! Loved the post about our fun weekend! It was such a fun time and I'm so glad you were able to make it!!

Traci said...

No idea where my comment went. I cannot believe I missed this post. Where the heck have I been? It was an awesome weekend! So glad you were able to make it over!!