Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On A Roll

Two posts in one week-even i'm impressed.  I finished a piece i'm making as a thank you for a friend.  She graciously sent me a package full of vintage photo's that she was "purging" from her stash.  This image was NOT one of the ones she sent, it's one I have.  Nicer than a thank you note I think,  

close up of the crackle

 While working in the yard yesterday, i cut back the wild grapevine that grows in the yard.  When i was almost finished i had the brilliant idea to take some of the vines and make my own
grapevine balls.  Some people would go to the store and spend money on these-me, I just harvest my own :)
When they dry out enough, i'll bring them into the house and
put them in a bowl or something. 
This is a rusty (duh) old license plate I found when mowing some land out in Weatherford.  I've mowed the same area the past few years and am always amazed when I come across something that I missed before.  This time I found an old bottle and the license plate.  Anyway, I used some pearl-ex/gum arabic in a copper/gold color and went over the raised areas so you could see them better-before it just looked like a rusted rectangle.  When I was photographing it tonight i had one of those sudden "I know exactly what i'm going to do with it moments" and promptly ran inside to start working on it.  It involves a "recycled" canvas, some old weathered wood, the plate and some barbed wire.  I know who is going to get it also-well, one of two people, depending on whether or not it is too rusty/crusty for the first one I have in mind :)

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Charlene said...

Hi! We have been on each other's Pinterest sites so often but, for some reason I didn't even realize we lived close to each other. Then when I came to visit your blog I'm surprised (but, I guess I shouldn't be...) to see some of my buddies on your side bar... Diana Frey & I are very good friends & I've just come back from her house & going again in July. Karen Valentine has come out to go to Round Top with me, Paper Cowgirls... SMALL WORLD isn't it? Just wanted to pop by & say hello! Have a great week/weekend.