Saturday, June 30, 2012

I See Dead Things

I have a box in my art room.  It's labeled "dead things."
i have a plan for this guy already.  it will involve halloween

 This week i've added two new bugs to the box.  Don't ask me what they are.  One is big and ugly, the other one i saw while mowing-the color got my attention.
 This is in the box also.  look closely and you can see the bird's beak. 
 The frog skeleton.
 Last night while mowing the backyard i came across what was left of a mole.  Here you see his big front feet that were used when he was tearing up my yard. (the dogs have gotten 3 so far this year)  not sure if they got this one too.
 Mole's ribcage-fur still attached but it's falling off.
Here is the skull-with teeth intact.   I also have a skunk and opossum-bones.  Those are in the garage and if I remember, i will take pictures tomorrow. 

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