Thursday, April 05, 2012

Texas Tornadoes

Yes, we do things bigger in Texas-now officially say there were 14 tornadoes here on tues.  I sat in front of the tv watching the coverage-pretty amazing when you think about how they can broadcast a tornado as it is happening.  The most unbelievable was seeing the semi-trailers thrown through the air like nothing-and being glad my son was nowhere near here.  We just got rain in my part of town-thankfully.
  I lived through a tornado when i was in elementary school-in Hurst Tx.  Think it was 1972-hit early on a sat morning.  A section of our fence came through our sliding glass door-thankfully my brother and sister were not up watching cartoons yet as they normally were on a sat morning-30 min later would have been a different story.  I remember my mom yelling "TORNADO, get into the hallway!"  we all ran into the hall and did the "duck and cover" we learned at school (Harrison Lane Elementary) By then it had passed through.  My dad finally entered the hall and my mom said "where were you?"  she had thrown all the covers over on him and tangled him up-he had just gotten loose.  Our dogs were blown into the front yard-dad brought them into the bathroom for us to dry off when he went out to check on house and neighbors.  Our dogs never liked storms after that.  Our fence was blown over/away,  sliding glass door gone and some other damage, but nothing too major-so i think we should all be exempt from any other tornado for the rest of our lives~

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