Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Third Time's the Charm

I've been trying to get my camera to upload pictures for over a week now-for some reason, they didn't want to load until today.  I can finally show what i have been up to lately.  First is some fabric (white cotton) that i decided to paint and stamp on to use on some "pod dolls" i decided to make after seeing some large pods in a tree recently.
Started by spritzing w/tim holtz sprays.

Stamped the white image then added the black circles.

Closer view of the fabric.

Last, i added the text in black.  When i finish my prototypes for the dolls i'm calling "pod people"  i will post them here~

Today while mowing out in the "country" i came across tall grasses that had been slept in.  If you look closely you will see a large indention on the left and a small one on the picture on the right.  I'm pretty sure they were from deer-mom or dad left the large indention and the baby left the smaller one- Don't think it shows up as well in the pictures as it did in person.  Saw tons of butterflies, a roadrunner, few hawks and baby birds who could not yet fly.  Gary came across the item below.   It now resides with my collection of "nature finds" for lack of better description. (along with my skunk and opossum skeletons)  It's about 3 feet long. 

Snake head (rattlesnake)


Shannon Green said...

Awesome skin!

Okay, I love your fabric. I guess I need some of those Tim Holtz sprays, huh?

Can't wait to see your pod doll. Please don't let it be creepy.

Traci said...

grossness! snakes creep me out!