Friday, January 06, 2012

My Latest Scores (for the grand sum of $1.00)

I've been lucky the past few weeks with "trash finds" and one goodwill find that cost me 1.00.
I happened to be in the store the week of Christmas-saw a lady holding a wooden box that she picked up from the shopping cart of "new" stuff.  I thought "you really don't need that-I do"  :)   It worked because she put it back.  I casually walked over to pick it up, inspected it for show and took it.  It's not in great shape, but love the patina/words.  It's sitting on top of some suitcases in my bedroom now.

My next finds were trash finds.  The lampshade is wire based-like you see now w/"stuff" hanging off of and decorated cool.  This one still has the fabric on it so i'll leave it like that until i decide to deconstruct it.

Second, my french doors-intact, no broken glass-must have remodeled.  2 houses down so they were carried home in the night~   Gary didn't seem too happy since i have other "future projects" sitting in the house and garage.  That is one of my goals for the year: to finish some of these things-or in some cases to start!   I've tackled one of those this week.  Found an old chair some time ago that I cut up for "parts" to use in mixed media.  The legs were still intact.  I had some leftover wood from a repair in the house so i cut it down a bit and screwed it onto the legs.  I made a cushion of foam and will cover it w/fabric for a stool/leg rest.  Just need some nails as my staple gun won't penetrate the dense wood. It's a start!

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