Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anatomy of an Art Piece

Thought i would chronicle a piece of fabric art this week.  I was given a wonderful stash of rusty metal pieces
some years ago-chicken wire, old bed springs, barbed wire, misc large pieces of metal-you get the picture.  I knew i wanted to use some of the chicken wire on a fabric piece-so I got the base of the piece ready and attached the wire to it.  There it sat.  

 Last week i went through some fabrics to start in on this piece.  I knew i wanted a western theme to go with the chicken wire.  Reds of course.  This is what i gathered to use on the piece. 
I then picked my "base" fabrics that the rest of my "collage" and images would be built on.
I then layed out the images to decide on their placement.
 Here you see i've removed the middle image-decided it was too much.  I'm trying out my belt piece but not really liking it.
 I decide to go with a large rusted nail-what has it got to do with cowgirls?  Don't know but i liked the look along with everything else.  Originally i was going to make this piece with the short side top and bottom.   After playing around, decided to turn it in this configuration.

After allot of playing around, this is how the piece turned out.
 Images layered with burned papers, a suede piece to finish off the top and bottom along with the fringe-because a cowgirl needs a bit of fringe.

 Closer looks at some areas of the piece.
And there you have many hours chronicled in these photo's. 
I think i'm happy with how it turned out~


TTFN said...

You are an amazing artist!

Shannon Green said...

It's fabulous!

TTFN said...

That's not the nail you swallowed is it?

donnaj said...

HA! not the one i swallowed-that one hangs in the dining room-behind glass :)

Seth said...

This is great Donna. I love the composition and of course your use of the metal as the base. Cool that you shared the process of making it too.

Vivi Magoo said...

I love your use of mixed media in this project! What a fabulous outcome ;o}

Vivi Magoo Presents

Maelchen said...

Hi Donnaj, I found you through my pinterest account and was curious to visit your blog. Happy, I did! I like it very much! Especially your how- to on the cowgirl piece of art is stunning! Thanks for sharing! Greets, Manu