Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Riley say's "merry christmas"

Did our usual Christmas Eve at mom and dad's house. Ty, Keith and Sandra were not there for dinner (pizza's) but came later. We had a nice visit with everyone-had a few good laughs-sadly at Suzanne's expense. Sandra said to Keith, "honey try this, your sister made it" "Which one?" he asked. "Suzy...but it's GOOD!" have to know her history w/cooking (and the skunks) to understand why we laughed so hard. Wish i had thought to take a picture of everyone-we never
think of that when we are all together-until the time has passed.
Ty, Nathan, Travis
Keith and Sandra

here was the hit of the night.
Addison got a "babysitter barbie" it came with barbie, child and potty. (complete with toilet paper) i kid you not. She sits, then you see the "mess" then flushes (complete with sound) and
potty flips inside to reveal clean water again....(addison is fighting potty training w/a vengeance)

maybe this will help!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

More from St Louis

Although it was a sad trip, it's always good to see family. We even had a few laughs~
Keith took a call when we were at Colleen and Eric's. We all noticed his pose through the window-that's when the cameras came out. Sam went out to strike a pose behind him, but only
got one in before he started laughing.
Here is Mike with Molly-the newest family member.

Grandpa and me on Thanksgiving Day-he flew down to spend a
few days with us-very nice to have him here with us.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Here we are again-in St Louis. It's a sad visit just as it was in august. This time we're here
for the funeral of my cousin, Doug. His passing was sudden and so unexpected-two of our families burying their sons too soon. It's cold here today-it was 25 last night when we got in.
I'm at my aunt Linda's-where the trees are bare and you can see the river below and for miles around. Saw a woodpecker up close this morning and a cardinal-the red sticks out when there is no green. We head to the funeral home this afternoon to visit with family and friends and say our final good-byes in the morning. I'll post more when i'm back in Texas~
Rest in Peace Doug, we'll miss you~