Thursday, December 02, 2010


Here we are again-in St Louis. It's a sad visit just as it was in august. This time we're here
for the funeral of my cousin, Doug. His passing was sudden and so unexpected-two of our families burying their sons too soon. It's cold here today-it was 25 last night when we got in.
I'm at my aunt Linda's-where the trees are bare and you can see the river below and for miles around. Saw a woodpecker up close this morning and a cardinal-the red sticks out when there is no green. We head to the funeral home this afternoon to visit with family and friends and say our final good-byes in the morning. I'll post more when i'm back in Texas~
Rest in Peace Doug, we'll miss you~

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Art Studio 522 said...

So sorry for you and your family Donna. Will be thinking of you. Be safe when you come home.

Donna G