Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Riley say's "merry christmas"

Did our usual Christmas Eve at mom and dad's house. Ty, Keith and Sandra were not there for dinner (pizza's) but came later. We had a nice visit with everyone-had a few good laughs-sadly at Suzanne's expense. Sandra said to Keith, "honey try this, your sister made it" "Which one?" he asked. "Suzy...but it's GOOD!" have to know her history w/cooking (and the skunks) to understand why we laughed so hard. Wish i had thought to take a picture of everyone-we never
think of that when we are all together-until the time has passed.
Ty, Nathan, Travis
Keith and Sandra

here was the hit of the night.
Addison got a "babysitter barbie" it came with barbie, child and potty. (complete with toilet paper) i kid you not. She sits, then you see the "mess" then flushes (complete with sound) and
potty flips inside to reveal clean water again....(addison is fighting potty training w/a vengeance)

maybe this will help!

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