Saturday, November 28, 2009


Once again, Thanksgiving found us at my mom and dad's. Minus Gary-who was home with a horrible muscle spasm in his back. Kept him up all night wed, so he was in pain and sleep deprived. I got him some meds before heading for mom's. Mom, Dad, Nathan, Suzanne, Ty, Travis, Patrick, Addison and myself were there this yr. Had all the usual fixin's minus a few pies this year. Spent several hours eating, visiting, cleaning up and having pie before heading home. Gary was better and we watched "Angels and Demons." Sometime i'll actually think to take a picture of the whole family-something we don't do because we're together alot. The St Louis family always jokes that we take alot of picture when there, but that's because we don't see them all the time-they don't take pictures when together as we don't here. Maybe at Christmas...
Debe and Dave from San Antonio were here last night-so we got to visit with them a bit-nice to see them as it's been quiet awhile. Might fit in a small bit of shopping later today-away from the mall~and a final note-it's *that* time of year, so check out this blog from time to time: Tacky Christmas Yards It can be quite entertaining...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ft Worth Botanic Gardens

Sun Gary and I had a burger at Jakes, then went to the Botanic Gardens.
Came across several statues in the first area we walked through. This was my favorite with the birds in the nest. The knockout roses were in full bloom-and smelled really good.
Had to get pictures by this giant pecan tree-it's been here longer than the gardens. It's hollow now, so lots of kids were having pictures made with them inside it. We found a quiet spot to sit by the stream for awhile. We would have liked to have stayed longer, but we had a party to attend for Addison's 2nd birthday.

Now THIS is how you eat a piece of birthday cake! Happy Birthday to Addison!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Musings on the Day

Gary and I were talking yesterday about seeing a Christmas wreath hung up on a subdivisions' entry. He said people now just think Thanksgiving/Christmas are one holiday...
Today we go eat a late breakfast. I'm talking and suddenly look and and say "oh my God a Christmas tree." I was stunned into silence. I think my mouth was hanging open. Nov 5th-a freakin' tree. It was lit and decorated which means they did it before the 5th. Unreal.
I've had a very emotional week-and yesterday felt i needed some "art therapy." Fate stepped in because i saw on Facebook that teesha moore posted that she put video's up on her blog-on making a 16-pg journal from one sheet of paper. I watched that last night-and several more. She has the video to make the book and also has video's of her process of filling in those pages. I watched the rest this morning and there are more to come in the future-I know what i'll be doing in a little while.
Riley loves me! I think gary's getting jealous. Everywhere i go, riley must follow. Not just follow, but sit in my lap. Gary can sit with him but if i walk by-off he goes to find me-and sit with me. Jack and Nala will sit by the door or on the floor, but mr R. is right there with me. Nice to have puppy love.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Grand Canyon

Was going through old posts and realized I never added pictures from the Grand Canyon this spring. So here are a few-It had rained before we got there, so it was cloudy-and very chilly-in
May. I love these trees-they smell so much of pine-it was so fresh up there after the rain.
The last picture was taken at sunset-we just barely made it to the last viewing area

Monday, November 02, 2009


I told my nephew Patrick that i would make him into a mummy for halloween, so sat afternoon i headed over to get started. When i had both legs wrapped is when we realized we should have had him go to the bathroom-so he was "undone" and sent off. Had him change into sweats instead of his wind pants-afraid the muslin would slip too much.

Addison was a cowgirl~She looked cute in her little cowgirl hat and curls! We went to a "trunk or treat" and i have to admit-it was better than i thought it would be. I used to think it was more of those trying to do away w/halloween-but it's not-the trunks were decorated with every theme imaginable. The winner in my book was this trunk and couple-fabulous! One car even had a fog machine going-

Patrick went off with his friends, Suzanne and i took Addison around-she was more interested in just looking and walking fast-but she did manage to get some loot. It was fun seeing all the costumes-even Capt Jack Sparrow was there-he came close to looking like johnny depp too :)