Thursday, November 05, 2009

Musings on the Day

Gary and I were talking yesterday about seeing a Christmas wreath hung up on a subdivisions' entry. He said people now just think Thanksgiving/Christmas are one holiday...
Today we go eat a late breakfast. I'm talking and suddenly look and and say "oh my God a Christmas tree." I was stunned into silence. I think my mouth was hanging open. Nov 5th-a freakin' tree. It was lit and decorated which means they did it before the 5th. Unreal.
I've had a very emotional week-and yesterday felt i needed some "art therapy." Fate stepped in because i saw on Facebook that teesha moore posted that she put video's up on her blog-on making a 16-pg journal from one sheet of paper. I watched that last night-and several more. She has the video to make the book and also has video's of her process of filling in those pages. I watched the rest this morning and there are more to come in the future-I know what i'll be doing in a little while.
Riley loves me! I think gary's getting jealous. Everywhere i go, riley must follow. Not just follow, but sit in my lap. Gary can sit with him but if i walk by-off he goes to find me-and sit with me. Jack and Nala will sit by the door or on the floor, but mr R. is right there with me. Nice to have puppy love.

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Traci said...

yes it is nice to have puppy love! i still miss my was 17 years last month.