Monday, November 02, 2009


I told my nephew Patrick that i would make him into a mummy for halloween, so sat afternoon i headed over to get started. When i had both legs wrapped is when we realized we should have had him go to the bathroom-so he was "undone" and sent off. Had him change into sweats instead of his wind pants-afraid the muslin would slip too much.

Addison was a cowgirl~She looked cute in her little cowgirl hat and curls! We went to a "trunk or treat" and i have to admit-it was better than i thought it would be. I used to think it was more of those trying to do away w/halloween-but it's not-the trunks were decorated with every theme imaginable. The winner in my book was this trunk and couple-fabulous! One car even had a fog machine going-

Patrick went off with his friends, Suzanne and i took Addison around-she was more interested in just looking and walking fast-but she did manage to get some loot. It was fun seeing all the costumes-even Capt Jack Sparrow was there-he came close to looking like johnny depp too :)

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Anonymous said...

Your little Addison is soooo cute! Bet it is nice to have a little girl to pamper! Robbie