Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Fri morning i worked about 2 hrs then headed to the Houston area. Melissa actually lives about 45 min away, but if i mentioned her city you would say "where?"
i got unloaded then we went into town and hit an antique store-where we saw some cool overpriced stuff. Then she took me to "Jeters." I think maybe they filmed the last Tx Chainsaw movie there. really. it was cobweb-by, dusty, & mud-dobber-y but we managed to find a few things. Had dinner at a great italian place and headed back to her place where we stayed up late playing w/art supplies and talking.
Sat we planned to head into Houston and meet up w/CeCe to go to the Bayou City Art Festival.
Met at the shuttle and off we went! As much as i love the atmosphere of our art festival-i really loved this one a bit more-actually i loved the Artists more than the atmosphere-it was set in Memorial park-Some fabulous mixed media artists.
Our favorite by far had no website: Aaron Hequembourg. wonderful mixed media using things salvaged from old buildings on his property (193 yr old plantation home)
www.stephanierubiano.com !!melissa, stephanie, cece
yes, stephanie was there-she won 2nd place in the fall at this same festival-she had lots of her boxes and prints for sale.
When we left we headed to the Heights for some lunch and shopping. Found a few goodies in this area-and saw the cutest 3 legged dog (mastiff puppy) (lula)

Texas Art was another stop for us before CeCe headed home. Mel and i hit the liquor store, 1/2 price books and Auntie Changs for dinner before heading home. Another late night of talking.

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