Monday, March 30, 2009

Elizabeth of Bleubird and Elizabeth has honored me with a Kreativ Blogger award. According to her message "Upon receiving this award I am to tell 7 things about myself and pick 7 others who are deserving of this award." I'll try to do this award justice.
1. I tend to be a night person more than a morning person even though i go to work very early.
2. I was born in Hawaii.
3. I hate most vegtables.
4. I don't mind traveling by myself.
5. Not everyone "gets" my sense of humor. (but those that do are always on their toes) :)
6. I have a stepson who is 7 yrs younger than me. since gary and i have been married 20 yrs and someone recently told me they didn't realize i had a stepson-just thought i would mention it again :) (i think she just forgot)
7. I'm a blog junkie!
i'll pass on the 'torch' however some of the following are at artfest, so i won't expect them to post also.

1.Alisa Burke love the bold colors and style she uses!
2. Carla Sonheim these "girls" are my favorite-they make me smile
3. Jane Wynn changed my "style" of art-just can't stop using wood
4. Judy Wise love her versatility always something new-check out the clay dolls!
5. Mary Beth Shaw great use of color!
6. Tracy Moore need i say more about tracy?!
7. Ten Seconds Studio cool products and great sense of humor!

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