Saturday, March 07, 2009

Catching Up

Can't believe it's been over a wk since i posted. Crazy week. Dad ended up having kidney stone surgery-they removed 2 stones this time. He's recovering. My Grandfather came to town on mon-so i've been over visiting with him most evenings. I spent one evening/morn home due to massive (almost) migraine again-only this time my neck is now stiff. Thurs i got into a shouting match with a guy at work-he deserved it-but it put a strain on the rest of the day and fri. Thank goodness i have some time off to get over it :)
Fri i left work early to meet my sis, addison and gramp on the TRE and we rode into dallas to see the 6th Floor Museum & the grassy knoll. Grandpa remembers where he was when he heard the news about Kennedy being shot. I hadn't been to the exhibit before-it has an audio guided tour-pretty creepy to hear the police/secret service tape saying he had been hit and Parkland had been notified. It really captured the feelings of that day-especially for one who was probably sitting in a playpen at the time :)
So, i've done no art since sun. Maybe something today but i do have pictures~

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