Friday, November 14, 2008


I have come to the conclusion that i am NOT cut out to be a junkie. I am currently tapering off a drug i've been on almost 2 yrs and it is not fun. I had a regulary scheduled dr visit yesterday and when they say "any problems" the floodgates opened. I feel like my body fell apart the last 2 wks.
Then my dear hubby reminded me-"you're going off your meds" and it's withdrawal. whew. i thought i was headed for an early grave-although the headaches have to be checked out. (no, it's not a tu-ma) to quote arnold.
How bad can it be you ask? Well, just imagine driving down the most winding, bumpy road in the middle of august in a car w/no suspension or air conditioning. That's just for starters. Then add nausea worse than that of a pregnant woman. Top that with the dull headache in the back of your head and throw in some shakes now and then just for laughs. Toss in the fact that most music, noise, talking irritates you and you can hardly concentrate on reading anything due to all of the above. Fun. I HIGHLY recommend it-to all my enemies.
Don't do Drugs. (Because at some point, you WILL have to get off them-then it's not worth it!)

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