Thursday, November 20, 2008

Austin Trip

Gary and I were off mon/tues so we planned a quick trip to Austin. This trip was planned around a few restaurants we had seen on Diners, Drive-In's and Dives. Mon we headed down-i "napped" on the way as i still have a bit of nausea from getting off my meds. We had planned to eat at Casino El Camino, but they don't open until 4, so we went to Milto's, an old favorite, for pizza. We checked out Uncommon Goods and another shop on SoCo, then headed for the hotel. We got checked in a bit after 5, i napped for real-think gary fell asleep too. We got up-decided on what all we would do and headed to 6th st. We found the place easily, parked and went in. It looked bigger on tv :)
The "restaurant" is actually inside a bar-you go to a window past the bar to order-They had a fine b&w old movie on w/subtitles that we got sucked into watching. Had to be from the 50's. Got our food about 25 min later-it was so-so. Not as great as i was expecting. Gary said the same. We walked around 6th st-got some pecan pie to go at another joint and by now it was time to head for the movie. Bond, James Bond. Enjoyed the movie-"Home" close to midnight-so we had a midnight snack of very fattening pecan pie.
Tues we slept in. We headed for Maria's Taco Express for lunch. Wow. Gary got a plate lunch and i got a beef fajita taco and rice. We got some chips too. Everything was so fresh.
I decieded to try the chicken fajita taco too-ton of chicken and excellent. We were stuffed to say the least and will go back here again. The bldg is really cute too with fun atmosphere. Went to an antique mall we like, headed north and hit IKEA since gary had never been, then homeward bound. Nice time together but much too short!

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TiffanyJane said...

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I think we saw that Maria's Taco Expres on the Food Network one day, it was very eclectic looking on the outside. We have to go to Austin/San Antonio often to work, we might try it sometime :)