Saturday, November 29, 2008

What i came home to fri night (and Addison)

I went out fri afternoon for about 2 hrs. When i walked into the door-in a dark house-my first thought was "what the h*#%" then i knew.
My yarn. I took a bunch of yarn to work fri to show a girl how to make a woven purse. It was in a large cloth bag in a chair. I thought it was fine-i knew Nala liked to get into yarn and would teach the other two how to do it too. I was wrong. I was accessible to her. As Gary said, "think how much fun they had with it." Easy for him to say-he won't be the one trying to unwind the mess. 8 of them are done so far. The mess circled the couch and love seat, into the dining room-into the living room again a few times and on the couch. Yes, they had fun.
Lastly, had to post Addison and her evil eye. She is only 1 yr old and she has it down already.

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