Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Week Late

Couldn't get the camera to upload for some reason~so belated Happy Thanksgiving.

We ate at my moms as usual. Lots of great food. All the usual turkey day fare.
Here gary and i are-every picture i took today has red eyes-od'nt know why but oh well. We had a bit of snow too~here is patrick trying to catch a flake on his tongue.

Finally here is gary, riley, jack and nala-after they finally realized they were not getting any

of his pie... :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm an AUNT! (again)

But this time, it's a girl! yea-the first girl in the family~won't she be spoiled? :)

No name yet, entered the world sat night at 10:08 weighing 7 lbs, 9 oz and 20" long. she is beautiful...Got to hold her tonight when Gary and I went to see her.
Didn't get a great picture yet, but she is pretty if i say so myself...

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Finally-after what feels like months, i did a little bit of "art" so to speak. I bought this painting-frame and all at a garage sale last yr for $5. After my micheal deMeng class thought i would do something "caulky" with it and started this: layers of caulk and bits of paper. Decided i didn't like where it was going-ie, no creativity these days-i'm sure i could have done something-so last night i changed direction, ripped the canvas out, bought some masonite and started my new chalkboard. I've been wanting to make one for the house and so i did. I still have to chop out the wood glue that is stuck in the grooves so my board will lay flat-i've glazed the frame w/a bronze glaze and when it's hung, i will post that.
I also painted a spread in my journal for future use and started a canvas~more later!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crazy Life

Finally getting on here to update. Last thurs night/fri am gary woke me up to tell me "not to worry" but he was going to the ER-didn't want me to go-and he went..i was 1/2 alseep 1/2 awake after that and went in to work before my usual time-had to be there since the boss was off-anyway, long story short, He was admitted to the hospital then placed in ICU as a precaution. Ended up having colonoscopy on sat to rule out any problems-given a clean bill of health-other than the low blood pressure from losing so much blood. He came home on sun-dr said good thing he did come in or he could have bled to death.

Mon i managed to start painting the pink in my future niece's room (still no name) fri my sis nixed any black paint for the time being-such a chicken... :) For some reason she thought i was doing a black wall-i planned to do a "chair rail" height black diamond stencil around the room. oh well. So that is life in the Joy household-will post more later-some pages i've started in my journal.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Here are some pictures of some of what we created at work for the guys' halloween dining "pleasure"...Here is the "poop" we made for the kitty litter cassarole.
Here is the finished product. Next are some of the bleeding jello hearts i made for their dinner-didn't get pictures of that since i wasn't there, but heard they really enjoyed the dinner-said it looked bad but tasted great...