Sunday, November 11, 2007


Finally-after what feels like months, i did a little bit of "art" so to speak. I bought this painting-frame and all at a garage sale last yr for $5. After my micheal deMeng class thought i would do something "caulky" with it and started this: layers of caulk and bits of paper. Decided i didn't like where it was going-ie, no creativity these days-i'm sure i could have done something-so last night i changed direction, ripped the canvas out, bought some masonite and started my new chalkboard. I've been wanting to make one for the house and so i did. I still have to chop out the wood glue that is stuck in the grooves so my board will lay flat-i've glazed the frame w/a bronze glaze and when it's hung, i will post that.
I also painted a spread in my journal for future use and started a canvas~more later!

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