Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crazy Life

Finally getting on here to update. Last thurs night/fri am gary woke me up to tell me "not to worry" but he was going to the ER-didn't want me to go-and he went..i was 1/2 alseep 1/2 awake after that and went in to work before my usual time-had to be there since the boss was off-anyway, long story short, He was admitted to the hospital then placed in ICU as a precaution. Ended up having colonoscopy on sat to rule out any problems-given a clean bill of health-other than the low blood pressure from losing so much blood. He came home on sun-dr said good thing he did come in or he could have bled to death.

Mon i managed to start painting the pink in my future niece's room (still no name) fri my sis nixed any black paint for the time being-such a chicken... :) For some reason she thought i was doing a black wall-i planned to do a "chair rail" height black diamond stencil around the room. oh well. So that is life in the Joy household-will post more later-some pages i've started in my journal.

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